Month: November 2008


My dad once said, “People say it’s impossible not because it cannot be done, but because people most often than not don’t want to do anything about it.”. I believe his words to be true. If we try hard enough and even take things one-step at a time, no matter how little that step is to make violence NOT the solution, then we can change things and make it a reality and not just a dream or wishful thinking.

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Website Down

Alright, for those who have already viewed the forums, we have a problem my friends. The webhosting service supporting the forums seems to be malfunctioning in the database department. Yep, I did not even dawdle on it nor played with the database and this happens! What darn luck!

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VIS BBS Created!

I certainly can’t help but think how much free time I have on my hands this week. After successfully setting up and populating this new blog of mine, I have (this time around) ended up setting up the VIS BBS ahead of schedule. Heck, I can’t even believe that the BBS had been uploaded prior to the uploading of the VIS OS (Official Site mind you, I am not talking about an Operating System).

Plans For A New Fan-Game

…So far, our project pool is consist of three games: The Rabbit on the Moon, which is a game based off one of my Digimon Fanfics at FFN; Tales of the Blue Star, which is a fan-game that follows up on the popular and well-loved series Lunar; and lastly, Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu, which translates to ‘The Legend of the Moon Butterfly’ which is also based off one of my novels. It’s a small project pool but I can assure everyone that all these games would be note-worthy…

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Sakura Says, "Hello World!…or so."

Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve decided to dive into the blogging business that has obviously been taking the world by storm. Thus, this necessarily isn’t the only blog I have for I have lots — one in Friendster, one in DeviantArt, Multiply, and another for my Yahoo! 360 page. Now the question that might register in everyone’s mind is ‘Why create another blog? You have lots already.’