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Okay, so everyone who knows me or has heard of me from the other communities where I am a part of probably already knows that I am into developing computer games — RPGs to be exact.  Close internet-buddies of mine would also know that I am leading a small group of people (the term is ‘Team’, lol) into making these RPGs under the name ‘Vanguard Interactive Studios’ or VIS (I have already mentioned that in my first blog post over at this cozy site.).  So far, our project pool is consist of three games: The Rabbit on the Moon, which is a game based off one of my Digimon Fanfics at FFN; Tales of the Blue Star, which is a fan-game that follows up on the popular and well-loved series Lunar; and lastly, Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu, which translates to ‘The Legend of the Moon Butterfly’ which is also based off one of my novels.  It’s a small project pool but I can assure everyone that all these games would be note-worthy.

But, as I have made it that the project pool needs to have a minimum of five (5) projects, I decided to go on and plan for another game, which is also a fan game on one of the shows I am into right now.  Before I reveal what title I and the VIS team would be working on, I will explain as to why we have a need for 5 projects in the project pool.

The rules when it comes to these project pools differ from teams to teams, and I can testify to that as I have been a part of another team before the whole thesis escapade where I got left behind by said team (in which they no longer contacted me, of course, I bear no grudges on them for that).  Now, VIS would be working on one project at a time to make sure that our games would be of high quality (although not enough in the terms of graphics to be compared with the high end consoles, after all, those need quite a large amount of budget, something that we obviously do not have).  Now, the reasonn for having 5 projects in the pool is that, should one project be found in a slump, we could always work on the next one in the list.  Of course, although we say that, it doesn’t mean we’ll abandon a game once we have announced it in public.  The game which encountered a wall would only be put on hold until such a time that we can come up with a solution to it.

Moving along…

Right now though, I am still waiting for more team members to join up which is the reason why RotM was put on hold and the whole VIS team is not in full functionality right now.  However, the plots, characters, and the whole story in regards to our projects are already nearing their completion.  That is something that I have made certain of.

So, what is this new project that I am planning on adding to the project pool? Well, although VIS also does animations, videos and such, the majority of our project are RPGs, which is also what this new project would be — an RPG.

At the moment, I am quite into Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom.  Yes, I know that DP is licensed under Nick and of course its makers, but I am not planning on selling the game or making any kind of profit for it, which would make developing a DP fan-game legal.  This Danny Phantom fan-game with the working title of ‘Danny Phantom’ (yeah, I know, I should probably find a more appealing title than that, but it’s just a working title) would revolve of course on Danny Fenton’s adventure tackling the cartoon series with added fan stories in them.  Which would be the reason why I would be holding a contest at FFN for it with the winners’ stories being part of the game.

Although I say ‘winners’ I am still debating as to whether it would be a good idea to have more than 1 winner or not, so I will update you guys on that as soon as I have come to a decision.  I would also be making a wallpaper with the game’s logo supporting my own custom DP logo to finalize that this indeed would be part of the VIS project pool and I would, of course, put that on my DeviantArt account.

Well, I would post more updates regarding this matter on later time.  So keep a look out for that.  Well, that’s about it for today.  Until next time, this is Sakura Martinez saying “PEACE” and signing out.  Ja ne!

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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