CoT:CW Updated!

Well, after what seems like forever, I had finally managed to finish writing the latest chapter of Chronicles of Time: Cyber World.  In the newest chapter, entitled: “Eightfold Illusions” can now be read and reviewed at FFN.  This chapter basically follows up on what happens after our heroes found Kouichi and the Spirit of Light as well as where they land in next.

An excerpt from the chapter is as follows:

“N-no! G-get back!” Said Tomoki as he took a step back and tried to figure out a way out of his current predicament.

“I want to runaway but I can’t. I can’t leave Yumi and Katsuya behind, they are my friends…what should I do?” He thought.

Just then he felt the D-Tector on his pocket twitch. He didn’t know if it really did twitch or if it was just his imagination so he shook the thought off and continued backing away from the Candlemons who were certainly taking their time to gloat at their success. He kept backing away that before he knew it, his back was already on the wall – he had no where else to go, he was trapped.

“Oh no…” Muttered Tomoki. “W-what should I do?”

He was shaking as his eyes searched for a way. It was then that he caught sight of Yumi and Katsuya still sprawled on the ground, both still unconscious. And just then, a powerful explosion rocked the area and a flash of light could be seen from the direction that Flamon and the others were at fighting.

“All these people… they’re… helping me… even though I know nothing about them.” Tomoki could not help but think. “They’re risking their lives to save my family and all I have been doing is cowering in fear and hoping for them to protect and save me all the time… that’s not right. I should at least do something. I should at least depend on my self and help myself more…but, what I do?”

He scanned the area one more time, this time, his eyes showed a little more courage and it was then that he noticed something that he hadn’t before. It was like a floating ball of light – or at least, it seemed that way to him. Just then, he saw something else, behind that ball of light. At least, he thought he saw something as the next thing he knew it was no longer there. What he saw was a silhouette of a small bear-like creature of sorts.

That’s something from the chapter and from that you guys can very well deduce where our heroes landed in.  Anyways, this chapter packs a lot of crucial details regarding what our heroes would come across to in later chapters so if you are a fan of CoT, or merely trying to pass time and find a good read, you should definitely not miss this one out.

The next update would be for RotM as the update for that fanfic is also long overdue. So fans of RotM, keep a look out for the upcoming release of the next RotM chapter.  Until then, this is Sakura Martinez saying “PEACE” and signing out.  Ja ne!

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