RotM Chapter Delayed!

Albeit I have promised that I would be uploading the recent Rabbit on the Moon chapter, I have once again found the need to apologize for coming short on the matter.  This time, I (and anyone else on that matter) could not be able to blame the laziness streak that I have been having thanks to me acquiring a Tales of Symphonia 2 disk and the Wii (as well as my PSP) console.

The reason for the delayed release is that, AMA Education System decided to surprise its students (as well as most faculty members working for them) with their sudden declaration that the exams would be next week! Technically (and usually) that would be a good thing especially with December Holidays (CHRISTMAS! WOOT!) since exams coming close would also mean that our Christmas Break would not be far behind — after all, the last day of exam in December means that its also the last day of classes… well, at least until next year comes along.  Unfortunately, the sudden (and surprising) change also included the fact that we still have until the 20th to have classes despite our exams ending next week (either wednesday or thursday).

Of course, normally, that would not be too much of a deal for me at this particular semester especially since I only have 2 freaking subjects.  However, because of the sudden declaration of exam week, we also have a sudden laboratory exam tomorrow. *sigh* Hence the melancholy of a graduating student.

Anyways, the exam is really a no-biggie for me (at least, the practical exam isn’t… though I have to say something entirely different when it comes to the writen exams).  However, I still need to study for it and hence the inability to finish the chapter.

Do not fret dear readers (okay… I’m starting to sound different and it’s freaking me out, lol), the chapter will be finished before this week ends.  That’s the last deadline I am giving myself.  If I am unable to finish it before friday then I would ban myself from playing with the Wii and PSP consoles UNTIL the time that I have uploaded the new chapter.

Anyways, just wanna say that.  Still need to do a bit of studying before tomorrow.  So, until next time, this is Sakura Martinez saying “PEACE” and signing out. Ja ne!

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