Chapter 49 of RotM Released!

After a month long of no-updates, The Rabbit on the Moon fanfic, most commonly refered to as RotM, has finally been updated and the update is still fresh from the oven!  The newest chapter entitled: “Dawn of Departure” has been brought to you by yours trully and could be freely read on FFN’s Digimon Fanfics Archive.

The newest chapter acts as a part two of the previous RotM chapter and finishes the two-part revelation to open up a new part of the story (though not necessarily a new arc just yet).

Below is an excerpt from the said chapter:

Valthoria sighed as he looked away from the Gates of Gaia after sending both Izumi and Takuya back to the hut and after talking with the older Orimoto. He could feel his powers wavering and his hold on everything that has been happening beginning to falter. He knew that time has caused him to grow weak and it is also with time that his enemy has been gaining strength. Because of that, he knew that they would all have to hurry.

A sad look was planted on his face as he took one final look at the Gates of Gaia – the same artifact that had caused so many troubles, griefs, and dangers to the world for as long as he could remember.

“Do you all still believe that your choice was the right one, my friends?” He asked, whispering his question to the wind but knowing that no matter how hard he would try, he would never hear them answer. “I am beginning to think that the choice I had made wasn’t.”

And with that, Valthoria walked out of the room which he once again sealed with his power and went on his way back down to the hut. He knew that they no longer have time and he hoped that Takuya and Izumi had both rested enough…

“After all, there is one final thing that I must teach them of.”

That part could be found at the end of the fanfic.  To know how it came to that, head on to FFN and read the new chapter.  Also, don’t forget to review the chapter, okay?

Until next time, this is Sakura Martinez saying “PEACE” and signing out.  Ja ne!

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