Philippine National Police (PNP) Mishap

Almost a week ago, or more specifically, last Friday, tragedy struck at one of the villages in Quezon City, Philippines. A lot of people were killed thanks to a shoot-out between robbers and cops. Two of the people killed were a father and daughter who were only out to pick up another member of the family. The daughter was only an elementary school girl when she died. Despite the large number of people who were caught in the crossfire, the Philippine National Police still believed that their mission was a success.

The mother, who was the one whom the father and daughter were about to pick up, was in a great deal of disbelief when she found out that both of them were killed in the clash. Even as she was being talked to by one of the Philippine National Police’s heads, she kept on saying: “I don’t understand any of this, they were not bad people” as she continued to wept.

The PNP vowed to get to the bottom of this and to know who it was that shot the poor girl and her father. This was a promise that they had made that same day. However…

Yesterday, the PNP held a press conference which stated that the father was one of the armed robbers. An unbelievable and untrue statement. Who would bring their child to a robbery with the risk of being killed so high? Is this another one of those police statements which held no real purpose save to save the PNP’s reputation at the cost of others? What kind of justice is this?

It is annoying that the people who swore to protect other people from criminals would issue such a statement. What is even more unbelievable was the reason why they engaged on a shoot-out with criminals in a place where there are a lot of civilians strolling about. Did they not care if any innocent people got hurt? If that’s the case, then I don’t think I would like to trust the police for my security.

I feel bad for the mother who was left behind. Not only does she have to live through every single day without her husband and her only daughter but she gets this kind of news about her husband who only came back to the Philippines because Christmas was nearing. Her grieve must be a thousand times over as her husband is being accused of something that is absolutely ridiculous.

This was not the only mishap that occurred during that so-called ‘police mission’. When the policemen came to put the culprits who survived to jail, they accused a lot of people (as far as I know, 7 people) as being criminals when they were actually innocent. They could easily say “no harm done” but on the contrary, there was harm done to those people accused but was innocent — they felt degraded. It would only be right for them to file a lawsuit against these PNP members. I would even be confident to say that I would support them should they do so.

The PNP continues to spout words of Justice when quite obviously they have a poor judgment on it. What angers me the most is that, because they are men in uniforms they believe that they have all the right in the world to do these things which they deem as right ONLY in their eyes without thinking of the possible consequences to the people that they SHOULD be serving. That is not justice.

Because of the recent events involving these so-called officers of the law, I don’t think I would like to put them in high regard any more. I think my perception on these people have change drastically — particularly members of the PNP in the capital of the Philippines.

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