ABS-CBN Network Disregards Mother's Plea

It has been such a shoking moment in showbiz once again when a young and promising actor by the name of Mark Angelo Cadaweg Cielo died minutes away from the Filipino people’s celebration at Manny Pacquiao’s historical victory against Oscar Dela Hoya.  It was 10 o’clock in the morning when Marky or “Buknoy” as his close friends and family affectionately call him, was pronounced Dead on Arrival after mother Mildred Cadaweg hoped to salvaged her son from the clutches of death rushed him to the hospital.

In the week that followed his sudden demise, GMA-7 — the Kapuso Network, had various shows hold tribute in his loving memory.  Throughout the week, and perhaps even weeks to come, a lot of people — friends and fans alike, wondered how such a man died.  Speculation revolved around drug overdose, foul play and even suicide.

During Marky’s wake, Mildred, his mother, asked that no pictures, video or any form of media depicting her son’s face while inside the coffin be shared or distributed in the media.  Many fans and those who came to the wake, normal people most of all, respected the Cielo Family’s wish to privacy and the dignity that went along with it.  GMA-7, Marky’s station, also respected the wish.  After all, it was the least they could do to the family who had welcomed them and it was their way of consoling Marky’s family as well.

However, sad to say, ABS-CBN disregarded that wish and aired a video of Marky in his coffin.  It was a disregard not only to the wishes of a family who had lost one of its members so suddenly but also a disregard to Marky’s human rights and dignity.  They did not even bother to respect the dead and instead wanted to gain that extra rating for showing Marky in his coffin.

The family had only asked for respect and had told the media that they were not allowing pictures or videos of Marky Cielo to be taken, and yet, for the sake of a story, ABS-CBN disregarded all of that and choose to act uncivilized.
Heck, even Marky’s fans who would eagerly wait for his mall shows and watch him in Television, had the decency not to take pictures.

ABS-CBN should know how to respect other people.  Just because they are a network that has stood for decades does not mean that they can trample on other people’s rights and dignity.  For a network that has stood for a long time, that is setting a bad example.  ABS-CBN should know well than to disrepect a grieving mother’s wishes just for the sake of having a story to air at their network.

It only shows how poorly civilized the said network has become and it adds just another reason why their network is not as good as it used to be.  To the administration of ABS-CBN, we hope that you would regret what you have done.  You really do need to teach the members of your network including the crew proper decorum and ethics as well as what human rights is all about!

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