Nokia E63 or E71?

Well, my mom has finally agreed to buy me a new phone after my birthday or as soon as I got my first wage, which would pretty much be on January next year.  The reason why I have been begging my parents to buy me a new phone was because of the utter uselessness of my current phone.

How can I say that my current phone (which I don’t even know what the model name for it is, though it is not a Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, or Alcatel phone) is useless?  Well, for one, I can’t even store sent messages or make folders to store my recieved messages — a phone feature that I currently need.  Second, I have no idea who calls me since it’s just their mobile phone number being displayed and not their name even though I have them in my contact list (phonebook), same goes with some messages, and let’s face it, there’s no way I would memorize all the numbers of every single person stored in my phonebook.  I am not a high-powered computer after all.

Another thing I hate about the phone is that it doesn’t allow me to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi even though it has that feature in it.  The battery is almost dead as well, and no way am I going to buy a thousand pesos’ worth of battery just to be able to use that hunk of junk.

Anyhow, we went to the mall the yesterday and my mom agreed to put my search for my new phone into action.  We went from one store to the next, until I finally decided to go on ahead with Nokia phones.  Of course, I would rather have an IPhone but with its current selling price, that would be next to impossible.  After all, I only have a part-time job at the moment as a programmer, and I am still a student so money is still a huge problem for me.

Anyways, I saw the perfect (at least for my standards) alternative to an IPhone (which I so desperately want, but can’t have at the moment) which was the E71 Nokia Business phone.  It costs 19,000 Philippine Peso.  My mom wasn’t too happy with the price and so she asked for a brochure for the other E-series phones and when I looked at the brochure, it was then that I had found the E63 Phone.

The E63 Bussiness phone looked very identical with the E71, same features minus the GPS and instead of a 3.2 MP (Mega Pixel) camera it has 2 MP.  I don’t really care about the GPS and the Camera so I am good with the E63’s features, plus the crimson and black color it has suits me better than the silver color of the E71 phone.  Another thing that separates the two is that the E63 is ‘fatter’ than E71 and has a plastic casing instead of the 71’s metal casing.  I would rather have the metal casing but I still love the color of the 63, lol.

Anyways, I have yet to decide which phone to buy (and I have a lot of time to think of it too). lol, I just hope that the E63 will be released in the philippines too since that is also one of the factors affecting when I would be able to buy it… hopefully very, very soon.

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