Animal Crossing: City Folk

I have never thought that I would end up as a Nintendo Wii Owner, after all, since the release of the Play Station system, my family had bought sony gaming consoles and are still planning to buy the PS3 console soon (hopefully). As such, I was never familiar with Nintendo games save for the popular Pokemon games and other anime-based games that I collect.

Anyways, sim games are one of my favorites. Especially the kinds where it allows you to play a cyber life like Harvest Moon, The Sims, and other similar games. That is why, I instantly fell inlove with the game, Animal Crossing: City Folk, the first Animal Crossing game that I played.

Not only does AC:CF allow you to live a cyber life but it also allows you to send and recieve messages from other users real-time, visit other towns created by gamers like yourself, and just do about doing what you want to do. Of course, the graphics is average and not awe-inspiring, but the gameplay exceeds that of Harvest Moon.

Of course, I have only started playing the game a couple of hours ago, so my town isn’t exactly jaw dropping nor do I have a lot of money in the game or denizens in my town, but it’s fun to see how it will turn out.

To other AC:CF gamers out there who wants to visit. You can add my town to your list (and me to your friend) Just add this FRIEND CODE to your list: 5112 7309 3545.

It’s quite easy to guess what I named my avatar in the game (for those who do not like guessing games, it’s Sakura) and the name of my town is, of course, Konoha, lol. I couldn’t think of any other names so I just stick with that one.

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