Of Change and People

Everyone dreams of a change, whether it be changing oneself or the world.  But despite the desire, people more often than not turn their backs on the chance to bring about change.
It has been said that humans fear things that they cannot grasp, control or explain.  Their fear is what drives them to choose what they have grown accustomed to.  To choose the familiar rather than the new.

Some people have the ability to move beyond these fears and uncertainties and take risks.  For them, this does not only concern courage or bravery but also faith and hope that their risk would be worth it.

Change is a scary thing.
The chance to change or bring about change entails risks and uncertainties.  You never can tell what can come about it.  This is perhaps the reason why, despite wanting to change, people fail to really yearn enough to DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE.

People who fear change are no less braver than those who do not.  The reason is that, it is not entirely their fault why they hold such feelings for it.  It is just that they have grown so comfortable with how things are now that they shun any notion of change.  Their familiarity to how things are stops them from accepting or even wanting to change, so much more that they would choose to see the negative sides of the change being served to them rather than what good it would truly bring.

It is true that not all changes are good.  I am not here to testify that everyone should rush full on to change things.  What I am merely saying is that we should not rush to a decision when it comes to changing, especially when we, ourselves, are not the only ones who will be affected by it.

Wisdom is not in knowing at once what your decision would be rather, it is in weighing down the two sides — hearing what they have to say, and then using your judgment, morals, and values, as well as what you have learned, to guide you into making a decision.

Deciding to change or not to are both decisions that should not be made overnight.  When the decision would affect more than yourself then, such a decision should really be weighed out.  To think only of oneself at such a time would be selfishness on your part.

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