Fun at Konoha

My House in Konoha

My House in Konoha

Who would have thought that for a game with poor graphics and a virtually never-ending one at that, I would be able to have so much fun, so much so, that I think I have caught the Animal Crossing craze.

I have just started playing the said game two days ago, and so far, my town isn’t that much of a town at all.  I don’t even have the second upgrade to my house yet and I certainly do not have that much of bells to go along with it.  Although, my museum is doing well (at least I think it is) and I have made a couple of good looking murals and laid them out pretty well in my town.

Visiting Ambers Town

Visiting Amber's Town

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?  Especially if you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about or what Animal Crossing is.  Well, for starters, Animal Crossing is a Wii game that has an online feature in it which allows you to interact with other people from around the world.  Yes, around the world.  And it’s real time to!  So, if you have a friend who allows you to visit his or her town and it’s night there while it’s morning from where you are, then you will see his town which is based on his country’s time.

My Friend, Esi

My Friend, Esi

I’ve only visited two towns so far, Amber’s Town and the town of Awesome.  I never expected people who were playing the game to be older than me though.  But despite the age difference, they are very fun people and very kind as well (something that is a rarity when it comes to games with online interactions).

Fishing After Being Stung by a Bee

Fishing After Being Stung by a Bee

Anyways, for the moment I am trying to pay off the 120,000 bells worth of loan from Tony Nook while trying to add more collection to my list and museum, thus earning myself my first bee sting in the game and man do my avatar look like a wreck. T_T

Still, life at Konoha sure is fun!
Curious of what other things I’ve been doing in Konoha Town? Check my flicker pictures, it’s all there.

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