RotM Chapter 50 UP NOW!!!

As promised for this week we have 2 Rabbit on the Moon chapters coming up much like how we have 2 Chronicles of Time: Cyber World chapters this week. For now, indulge yourselves with the first of the two RotM chapters, Chapter 50 entitled: Wish and Sadness which is brought to you by yours truly.

This chapter is perhaps one of the saddest chapters I have writen for the said fanfic thus far.  Why it is so and why it is titled as such can be learned by reading through the whopping 20 pages of words.  One thing is for certain, this chapter holds one of the biggest changes in the story!  You can be certain of it!

As a little teaser, here’s a little excerpt from that chapter (without giving too much away, of course.):

Takuya stood dumbfounded, Izumi was with him with the same stupefied look on her face. Everything that has happened and that was now happening in that island since they first arrived created a big question mark over their heads. What was happening now made that question mark even bigger.

“What’s the meaning of this, Valthoria?” Izumi asked, a typical question at their current predicament.

“You wish to get out of this place, do you not?” Valthoria asked. “If you wish to return to the normal world then allow me to test the strength that you humans possess.”

Told you guys it was just a teaser.  Anywas you can read the full chapter by clicking on the title on the first paragraph.  See the link there?  Click it! lol

Don’t forget to review after you have done reading, okay?  Stay tuned for the next RotM Update (as well as CoT update) this coming friday!

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