RotM & CoT:CW Chapter 51 UP!!!

As promised, here is the last update for this week for the Rabbit on the Moon and Chronicles of Time: Cyber World Fanfics.

First up, the Chronicles of Time Fanfic chapter entitled: “Eightfold Illusions Part IV” which can be freely read and reviewed on FFN.  What this chapter basically in-stores is the story of what happened to Takuya and Tomoki when the group got separated after Tomoki obtained his Digi-Spirit of the Ice.  I won’t spoil anything else aside from that so if you want to know what happens.  Simply click on the link I’ve provided and read the chapter.

As for the Rabbit on the Moon’s 51st chapter entitled: “Guilt, Duty, and..” it basically follows up on where the previous chapter left off.  Not much could be said without spoiling the whole thing so, just go on ahead and click the link to read and find out.  Also, if you plan on reading, don’t forget to review the story just so I would know that you have read it.

Anyways, that’s all the chapter updates for this week.  The 52nd chapters for both fanfic would be uploaded same time next week, on Friday.  I’m going to try and keep it as regular as possible, updating only during Friday (of course, unless something important comes up, then I would make an announcement here and tell everyone ahead of time).

Well, hope you guys love the new chapters!  Ja ne!

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