Have you ever heard of ‘Lamination’? No, I am not talking about the process creating a laminate (material constructed by using two or more layers of material together) which in common parlance refers to the placing of something between layers of plastic and sealing them with heat and/or pressure, usually with an adhesive nor the term used in electrical engineering, which is a construction technique used to reduce unwanted heating effects due to eddy currents in components, such as the magnetic cores of transformers.

If you’ve been staying tune on Animax or visiting their website, then you must have heard (or read, whichever the case is) about the Lamination that I am talking about. If not, well then, let me give you a description (which you can also read in the website):

“Lamination is a form of detention instituted by the Central Administration Bureau of Cerra with the aim of keeping criminals productive within society. Criminals are placed in a lamination suit made from a powerful skin-on-skin technology which is used to keep their behaviors in check.”

Lamination, has several benefits according to the aforementioned website:

  • Saves billions of taxpayers’ dollars that would otherwise be used for building and maintaining prisons, and law enforcement resources.
  • The lamination suit allows sentences of up to 500 years which deters crime and helps to maintain a low crime rate
  • Reduces illegal slavery, domestic abuse and child labor because the public can now legally engage the services of these laminated criminals
  • Lamination is environmentally-friendly as it reduces the release of free radicals
  • There is no need for rehabilitative and aftercare programs to facilitate the reintegration of a criminal back to the community and his family after he has served his sentence.

It is amazing if such a thing were real and possible (but, hey, who knows, right?)
A question was raised if one is in favor of or against Lamination. Let’s examine shall we?

On the first benefit of Lamination, our taxes would no longer be required in maintaining jails, prison cells and of course training cops and other law enforcers, who, in our current time today, are prone to blunder (*remembers the civilians who died during the shoot out between robbers and cops in a civilian area*) and who are sometimes criminals themselves who are posing as men of justice and who use their power and influence to get whatever it is that they want and get away with most of it. Lamination is good because of this. Why? Well, for one, our taxes would be well spent on other matters such as health care for the poor, finding and environmental-friendly energy source, building up businesses so that there would be less non-working people (people who don’t have jobs). Also, there is a chance that we don’t have to worry about prison breaks and stuff like that since the Lamination suit would act as the criminal’s own prison.

On the second benefit of Lamination it tells how the suit can allow sentences of up to 500 years. That’s a bit too extreme especially if you count just how long a human’s lifespan is. However, if by using this suit we can really eliminate death penalties, then it would be a good thing. After all, every life is important — even that of a criminal, and no one can take a person’s life especially not in the name of self-proclaimed justice. Also, I think 500 years would be enough for a person to really think about what he or she did and regret it. One should remember that death is not punishment. Punishment is living with one’s crime and working to atone for it.

The third benefit of Lamination tells us how it reduces illegal slavery, domestic abuse, and child labor. A very positive thing indeed especially on the note of child labor. Every child has the right to experience what it is to be a child — to experience their childhood, the happiest moment of a person’s life (so they say). No one should be a slave for others, that is true, but with Lamination, criminals are living out their punishment. As I have noted above: death is not punishment, punishment is living with one’s crime and working to atone for it.

The fourth benefit states how it is environmentally-friendly. Well, as long as it is friendly to the environment I’m always for it. After all, the environment that we have is the only one we got. We should take care of it and not let anything go to waste. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as they say. I feel sad for people who cannot understand of the importance of their environment. They laugh at Al Gore and those who are against Global Warming stating that it’s nothing more than a myth. *sigh* I hope that, before it’s too late, people will see how real Global Warming is and would DO something… I know I am doing my own part, one step at a time.

Moving along.

Rehabilitation would no longer be required says the fifth benefit. Um, I don’t think anyone would even want to go to rehabilitation after serving 500 years of sentence. After all, that’s quite a long time to think about what you’ve done and the feeling of not being able to do what you want, or choose for yourself, or express yourself would be enough to make sure that you won’t do a crime again (I know I won’t to begin with).

I don’t really know what negative side this has apart from a criminal losing their ability to show any emotion and express themselves. Oh, yeah, one thing though that Lamination can bring is that people may want to commit a crime in order to be beautiful (or to remain that way). But I think that once people actually know what the heck they are putting themselves in — all the things that they can lose just by thinking of their outward appearance, they would think twice or even shun the thought of committing a crime just to be beautiful.

I think, all in all, Lamination is a good thing.
It dissolves any notions of death penalty plus it is very productive to the community. People need not worry about escaped convicts or of things like that because the criminals would be under the influence of their Lamination suits and their shepherds. Of course, what the LaMB may do is still dependent on what their Shepherds ask of them. I think that as long as we are sure of a Shepherd’s beliefs and outlook, we can be sure that with Lamination, criminals would certainly know their place and crimes would be less frequent than they are now.

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