RotM & CoT:CW Updated!

First up, a very, Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this fantastic holiday.  I hope you all have a pleasant Christmas with your loved ones — friends, families, lovers, and whatnot.

As promised, I present everyone with a little gift!  An update for the Rabbit on the Moon and Chronicles of Time: Cyber World has been uploaded to FFN and made available for anyone who wishes to read it.

The Rabbit on the Moon’s 52nd chapter, entitled, “A Formidable Foe Stands in the Way” follows on Takuya and Izumi’s side of the adventure.  After leaving the island and heading for Harim, what awaits our two heroes?  You can find that out by reading the chapter using the link provided.

As for the 52nd Chronicles of Time: Cyber World chapter, “Eightfold Illusions Part V“, It is now time to look at Kouji and Katsuya’s predicament.  Where did they land into and who did they meet?  What adventure awaited them in the time plane that they landed in?  Read and find out on FFN by clicking on the link above.

Anyways, that’s all the chapter updates we have for today.  The next update would be on friday, same time as always.  So until then, I hope you guys like these two chapters.  Merry Christmas!

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