Updated to WordPress 2.7

After much hesitancy on whether I should go on with it or not, despite really wanting to do it in the first place ever since the release was announced, I have finally updated my blog’s WordPress to 2.7, codename: ‘Coltrane’.

It may not seem different at first (to readers at least) since I did not set it up to be so, but for the Admin Panel and those who also own a WordPress blog, it is a BIG step away from the previous version of WordPress.

It has so many features, some of which I do not plan to use however.  Among it’s new features, one that has caught a lot of people’s eyes as well as made me really want to upgrade and not just go with the flow was the fact that this WordPress update would be the last manual update that we have to do.  As I understand it, the next update (2.8, which is now in the works) would be an automatic update and would not be filled with all those steps that are needed for previous updates.

Another feature, as I have said, is the new and improved Dashboard.  Admitedly, I am happy to have updated and see my theme, the theme I’ve worked so hard to personalize, still works for this version (and hopefully the next versions as well).  I was afraid that the theme would not work and that caused my hesitancy to update.  However, now that it did work, I am really, really, glad that I have.  (I know, I’ve already said that and it’s causing a redundancy but I can’t help myself at the moment, lol)

Anyways, just head over to the WordPress’ OW (Official Website) to read more about the Version Coltrane and the upcoming version 2.8 if you’re curious.  Heck, you can even start your very own WP blog, if you haven’t already. Cheers!

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