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Well, I have been trying to build up a decent Dowload Page, but so far, I have only managed to get some of my Manga collections up.  So far, we have the Naruto, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Digimon Next, Digimon Cyber, Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer, and CardCaptor Sakura Manga downloads for everyone to…well…download.

That’s why, it’s my great pleasure to unveil another addition to our Manga Downloads Page.  It’s Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology!

For those who are oblivious to what ToW:RM is about.  It’s just one of the great RPGs in the Sony PSP console.  In the game, you are a Descender born from Terresia’s World Tree.  Borne to save the dying world from the evil that is known as the ‘Devourer’.  Together with an amnesiac girl, Kanono and another Descender, Mormo, you set out to save Terresia.  Along the way, you meet people from various ‘Tales of’ games.

In the manga however, the character you play as is non-existent and the whole story seemed to have been changed.  Instead of Kanono being a Descender of another world (yeah, if you were planning to play the game, that part is one of the game’s spoilers), she is the Terresian Descender.  I didn’t like this change in the story, but so far, with only 2 Chapters out for grabs, I have yet to fully come up with a review for this manga.

If you have played the game, then perhaps you would also enjoy the Manga.  So far, in our ToW:RM Manga Download page, we only have two chapters out for download.  Don’t worry though, I am going to complete that manga and let you guys have a copy of it since we all know how Bandai-Namco games are when it comes to the Tales of series.

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