Learning Melnics

Anrurui, nnundiyaimun! *grins*

Nope, I have not yet lost my mind, lol.  That phrase above is a language that I am trying to learn called ‘Melnics’, and the above translates to “Hello, everyone!”

So, what’s this so-called ‘Melnics’ language?  Melnics (also known as Melonix) is a languange that was used by both Inferians and Celestians at one time. After separation, the Inferians created their own language, and Celestians continued to speak Melnics.

In other words, Melnics language is a language from Tales of Eternia, a PSP/PSX game which is perhaps one of the memorable Tales of games (first being Tales of Symphonia).  It’s not such a hard language to learn but is really confusing.

I will be posting Melnics tutorials from this point onwards and hopefully be able to help a lot of people learn this language.  So, I would be cutting this one short for now.  Be sure to tune in next time if you really want to learn Melnics.

Tiuru munzuti tiutun! Yue mun!

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