MyYearbook Craze…?

Oh yeah, after making fun of my siblings for being too much into MyYearbook, I find myself being addicted to it as well, lol. 

*sigh* It would appear that I have caught their “addiction”.  It’s actually a far better community than what Friendster opt to be, what with so many things that you can do and so many social interactions available as well.  You can play games to earn Lunch Money which you can then use to buy stuff for yourself or as presents for other people.  You can also use the money to help out a cause like global warming, education, housing, and so fort (too many of them that I can scarcely remember, lol).

You can also “own” someone’s picture by bidding.  Something that is actually quite “loco” but fun and amuzing.  Amuzing in a way that you can see how the bids for the picture start off in just tens and then increment up to hundreds, thousands and even millions of Lunch money.

It’s quite fun actually, though I am still new to the place and still hesitant to use some of its features (like flirting for one, lol).  The community as a whole is friendly and very welcoming.  There’s actually interactions involved as opposed to Friendster (which just seems like a community of people who aims to have more friends connected to you than anything else even if you do not actually know who the heck you’re adding).

I have to commend the developers of MyYearbook for their accomplishment.  Now, if they would only allow us to import our existing wordpress blogs to their blog system, then I would have no criticism for them, lol.

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