RotM Game Update (1/13/09)

Alright!  So, people who have been reading the fanfic that I have been working for for a long, long time have grown familiar with most of my OCs (Original Characters) in that story.  Some have grown to love most of them, some have grown to abhor them.  But it could be assumed that most of you are wondering what the characters would look like.

Please take note that the characters that I would be unveiling here soon are the Original Characters from my fanfic.  Also note that, unlike the main characters (our heroes and villains), the characters here are those characters with static images on the game (static images in the message box when you talk with them, it may be hard to understand now, but you will all understand soon enough).

Also, I am currently debating with myself on whether to base the faces of Takuya and the others to their Digimon-selves.  I’ve done several references where they are no-where near their original looks, meaning, I’ve revamped their looks to look very, very different from the anime.

Another thing I am debating on is whether I will even continue the game using the name of the Digimon characters.  I have come to a somewhat final conclusion of NOT using the names of the Original Digimon characters from the fanfic.  Why?  Well, for one, I do not wished to be labeled as ‘illegal’.  Technically, Bandai owns copyright to the game and if I wish to distribute it, I have to choose other names for them.  Which is why I am intending to dropping the Digimon names and using original names for them.  Sorry about that guys.

Anyways, that’s all the update I have for now.  Stay tuned within this week for another RotM Game Update.

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