American Idol Season 8 Kicks Off!

After a long wait and after David Cook dared to dream and deliver, being crowned as the 2008’s American Idol, the acclaimed Talent Search is finally back!

A whopping 12 million votes set David Cook apart from young David Archuleta last November 2008 thus, being crowned as the new American Idol.  From there, David Cook set off to his destiny releasing an album not long after the AI tour ended.  His song, currently at Top 3 in the Philippines Hit Chart (only being beaten by Paramore’s “Decode”) still remains one of the most loved songs even long after it’s debut.

So, what’s new in the show?  Well, for one, there are now FOUR judges instead of the usual three.  Joining Paula, Randy and Simon is another female judge well known for her song writing prowess that placed the PussyCat Dolls, as well as a handful of other artists into the top charts (including DC’s Album).  Her name is Kara DioGuardi.

In tonight’s season premier, we see the good and the strong side of Kara.  She can be as nice as Paula Abdul and can be equally ready to fight back at any menacing contestant as Simon Cowell.

The Season’s first stop was Jordan Spark’s Home state where the judges are welcomed by amazing talents, awe-inspiring stories, as well as a seductress who obviously is in need of a personality check (I don’t even remember that slut in a bikini’s name).

Anyways, Season 8 seems to be promising a lot.  Tomorrow, they would be airing what happened when they visited David Cook’s Home state.

I have already picked my favorites, though I seem to have forgotten what their names are.  One person who really caught me is that guy who has problems with his eye-sight (can’t remember if he was blind or something like that).  If anyone knows what that guy’s name is, then please inform me, lol.  I am going to support that person as well as that pink-haired woman who auditioned and got herself a golden ticket.

Anyways, I wonder what kind of people auditioned on DC’s home state.  I would certainly not miss tomorrow’s episode of AI.

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  1. BURKHART says:

    I just want to let you know that I have one piece scanlation eps 539 and you can download it free at my website. thank you.

  2. Dillon says:

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

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