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Have you ever heard of the website,  Well, if you answer that you haven’t then that would put us in the same boat.  I haven’t heard of it either before, but thanks to my curiosity, I seemed to have ended up having an account there as well.

If you’re intuitive or logical enough, you would know that the website is all about Personalities (duh!).  Basically, it’s a website where you can create your own profile and then take some tests like the Personality Test and the Multiple Intelligence test.

There are only a few people (as far as I know, and with myself included) who take these tests seriously.  Others take it just so they could while at the same time being mindful of what results they want and in which case, they end up cheating the test.

Anyways, for those who are oblivious to what the personality test is about, it basically based of Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types.  Said theory, according to the aformentioned website, explains that “each person is ‘wired’ with different tendencies and preferences”.  The personality test tends to see what our personality is like, whether we are Introverted or Extroverted; a person who is more adept in sensing or with intuition (intuitive); a Thinker or a person who is much more inclined with their feelings;  or if we are judgemental or percieving.

The other test, the Multiple Intelligence test on the other hand uses Howard Gardner’s theory.  It states that we excel in eight different categories of intelligence, which, by taking the test, we would know what.

Anyways, I grew curious of this and thus ended up taking the test.  The result that I got is the following. (Note that the image I used is the image that I had been working on for the game that I am developing, RotM)

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Anyways, that’s about it for this particular post.  I may be posting another one in a couple of hours or so.  Just wanted to share this little information about the website as well as of the result that I got, lol.  Ja ne!

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