Naruto Chapter 431 Arrives!

YES! Finally!  After a week of no Naruto Updates we are finally given a chance to see just what Uzumaki Naruto, the Sage has in stored for Pain thanks to our friends in SleepyFans who are generous enough in time and in their effort to share all the Naruto Goodness!

This week’s chapter, entitled, “Naruto Erupts” is available to download on our Downloads Page just by clicking on the Naruto sub-page.  Can you believe what a great manga week we have this week?  Not only did we have the latest chapter of TRC but we also have a Naruto one to boot!
So, what can I say in this chapter?  Well, for one, Naruto is just plain AWESOME!!! And that is still an understatement.  We can see how much Naruto has grown even surpassing his master and his father.  I get goosebumps thinking of this chapter, lol.

Unfortunately, we have yet again been cut short by another cliffhanger and just when Naruto is about to finish the battle off with his own new move!  As to what that move is, we have to wait for another week before we can find out, sigh.

Anyways, credits go to Kishimoto Misashi-san for the wonderful series.  Kudos also to our friends in SleepyFans namely:  Agent007 for the scans, Sakura (nope, not me) for the translation, Gumjim for the edits and for the QC, Strider.  Aren’t we lucky to have them working on Naruto? ^_^

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