RotM Chapter Up

After not having been able to update the fanfics last week, I am finally able to do so.  However, this chapter is not as long as my longest chapter a couple of weeks back, but this certainly goes along the lines of my normal length chapters.

Anyways, Chapter 54 entitled, “Gentle Sunlight” is now made available to everyone who wants to read it on FFN.  Simply click on the chapter title above and allow your browser to redirect you to the said chapter.

So, what’s instored in this chapter?  For one, we get to know what it was that Izumi saw on the battle and what happened with Takuya amidst the battle against Shinya.  Also, there is another revalation in this chapter which makes the wait worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this is all the chapter updates I have for everyone this week.  Yep, still no CoT:CW updates for the moment, sorry about that.  I will, however, try to follow chapter up as soon as I can.  Anyhow, don’t forget to leave a comment on this page and a review on that chapter once you’ve read it.  Ciao!

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