TRC Chapter 209 Released!

After waiting for more than just two weeks,  our friends in Franky House finally released a translated version of the most recent Tsubasa Reservoire Chronicles chapter, chapter 209.

This week’s chapter entitled: “The Demon King and the Puppet” can easily be downloaded by going to our Downloads Page and clicking on the Tsubasa Reservoire Chronicles sub-page.

The chapter merely follows up on what happens after the Real Syaoran’s apparent defeat on the hands of the clone.  A gloating Fei Wong Reed can be seen in this chapter as well as some more unexpected twists from CLAMP.  Kudos to them and to Alisson for the raw, Cnet128 for the translation, and Songaka and TheFolenAngel for the editing.  Once again thanks to Franky House for the hard work that they have been putting in giving us the TRC that we need.

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