Endlessian Chronicles

Okay, so I would be putting RotM on hold (the game and not the fanfiction) because of the lack of interested parties who are willing to help.  And so, instead of waiting for help to come my way, I’ve decided to start making a new game entitled, “Endlessian Chronicles”.

Endlessian Chronicles would be an RPG game featuring all the basic and well-loved aspects of RPG games such as Sidequests, Missions, Party Recruitments, Puzzles and many more.  It would also be 2D and would have (hopefully) anime cutscenes.

This game is going to be for the PC.  So far, I’ve already done the title screen as well as the story.  Characters are also finished and I’ve managed to populate some maps already.  There is still a lot more to do but hopefully I will be able to finish a demo before February ends.

I would also be adding another page to this blog that would be specifically for that game.  For the moment, I would be posting here the story overview of the game, without giving away spoilers.  Please note that the following is also used on the opening sequence of the game.

Endlessia is a peaceful world that resembles Earth ruled by the four great kingdoms of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water . Abundant in spiritual energy known as “mana”, the Endlessians are known for being in-tuned with nature because of their ability to control Mana. However, not everyone can use Mana to its full potential, only a handful of people can do so. Those who are capable of using Mana in its highest form are known as “Casters”.

Throughout history, four people would emerge every century who can surpass the powers of Casters. People would call them “Descenders” as they believed them to have descended from the heavens and believed them to be gods as well. Through the help of these “Descenders” the world of Endlessia remained peaceful for eons upon eons.


Everything changed when a fifth Descender was discovered. This fifth Descender had all the powers of the four and even the power to control the most dangerous Mana of all, the Mana of Darkness, throwing the balance of Endlessia in chaos.

Because of what the people believed the fifth Descender caused, they shunned him and all the fifth Descenders that followed after him and labeling the fifth Descender as the “Destroyer”. When the Guardian of Eternal Mana appeared before the Descender of Water, the Guardian instructed him to ensure that the fifth Descender’s successors would all be destroyed lest the world of Endlessia be destroyed. From that moment on, the Endlessian people and the four kingdoms continually persecuted whoever became the fifth Descender.

Another thousand years have passed since then, and now a new generation of Descenders have emerged. And from the depths of history’s forgotten memoir, a dark shadow begins to stir, plotting to destroy the world that has shunned him.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Below are some screenies, particularly the Title Screen of the game.  Also note that this is an animated title screen, but since this is just a picture, the title may seem a bit ‘blurry’.:

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