TRC Chapter 210 Up!

Well, Franky House and CLAMP certainly delivered yet another wonderful chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Chapter 210.

Chapter 210, entitled, “The Words I Want to Know” is a heart wrenching chapter to read and like always, is made available to us by Franky House. You guys can download the chapter in our Downloads section. Simply click on the chapter title in this post and you will be redirected there.

So, what can you guys expect from this chapter? One of the Syaorans really dies this time. As to which one and how much drastic changes occur in the chapter, well, you will have to download and read the manga for yourself. All I can say is that this chapter is pretty sad.

Well, I just came by to say that. Hope you guys enjoy ready… well, enjoy as much as you can of it that is.

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