Flaming the New Idol Judge

Okay, so it has been a couple of weeks now since the new season of American Idol aired. We have seen quite a bit of drama over the past two weeks and we can expect a whole deal more in the upcoming weeks as the so-called “Hell Week” aka Hollywood Week nears. We have also come face to face with the new judge in the idol series — Kara DioGuardi, the Grammy Nominated songwriter and fourth judge of AI.

Sadly, however, I do not find her as lovable as Paula Abdul or Simon Cowell. After watching this week’s episodes and watching the re-runs of it in Star World, I could not help but find how mean she was to one of the contestants on the fourth episode of Idol. I do not remember the contestant’s name, however, I remember that she was interviewed in the morning prior to her audition in American Idol and she was the one who was known as a ‘funny girl’.

Quite honestly, Kara’s comment on her was really bitchy. It’s like she made fun of the contestant without even considering the contestant’s feelings.  Randy Jackson, one of the original three judges was very much like this as well — forgetting to show due respect to those people who are trying their best to make it big.  Of course, some may object that Simon Cowell is way meaner than the two, however, he gives constructive criticisms and does not do so the way that the two other judges does.  Simon knows what he is doing and with Kara butting in whenever Simon wants to give a constructive criticism is very annoying.  Heck, she’s a NEWBIE judge in AI, the least she could do is show some respect to those who actually HAVE EXPERIENCE with the show.

I really feel sorry for that person whom she thought was doing her song in a joking manner.  That person was obviously trying to do her best and the way that Kara talked with her, she (Kara DioGuardi) was really acting like a MAJOR BITCH.  Sure, she may be famous but she is still a NEWB!

I think I would prefer the old days of AI where Randy was the only one laughing at the constestants for their unpleasant voice, not respecting the performance that those contestants are obviously trying their very best to do.  Why?  Well, at least Randy can show some restraint as opposed to this newbie.

Anyways, I know this is going on as a rant but it’s just so frustrating, remembering what she said to that girl auditioning and how she even told Paula to punch her for she was being mean.  She didn’t even apologize for it.

You know what that auditioner said to her?  She said this: “I didn’t think you could be THAT mean.”

That contestant didn’t deserve it.

If I were to be asked what I would say to this newbie judge, it would be this:

“Don’t be such a bitch.  You may be rich and famous but you still have got to respect other people — people who want to reach for their dreams and who believe that they can do it.  Do not laugh at them when they may sound out of key when they perform.  At least be professional about it as they are (mostly) trying to be.  YOU are not perfect but you can at least learn to RESPECT them.  You may think that dropping off those comments are funny but think about what you will say before it escapes that mouth of yours.  Words are living things.  They can affect people more than you think!”

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