TRC Chapter 211 Up!

It seems CLAMP decided NOT to take a break when it comes to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and the same could be said with our friends from FrankyHouse scanlations who are kind enough to deliver to us the 211th chapter of the Tsubasa Chronicles Series.

The 211th Chapter which offers to us a colored page of both Syaorans smiling is entitled, “The Scorched Smile” and is available for download at our Download’s page.  You had better make sure to download it if you are indeed a TRC fan as it is the beginning of the end of the series.

Following up on what happens after the Clone Syaoran is killed by Fei Wong Reed, this chapter brings a conclusion to the Clone’s journey and starts the last crusade of the TRC group.

Now, for the credits:

We would all like to thank FrankyHouse Scanlation for providing us with this chapter and would also like to thank the following people:

RAW: ladydarkmoon
Translator: starlady38
Editting: thefolenangel, capicis

Your work with the TRC Manga is greatly appreciated.

For Naruto fans, stay tuned for the Naruto Manga update!

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