Sage Technique Failure…?

Well, it didn’t come out yesterday, but luckily, SleepyFans managed to upload it just before daybreak (at least, just before it was daybreak here).  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to say that Chapter 433 of the Naruto series is now available for us to download.

This chapter, entitled, “Sage Technique Failure…?” still revolves around Naruto’s fight against Pein.  What happens when Naruto’s Sage Mode runs out?  Well, that’s what this chapter is all about.  Just head over at our Downloads Page and click on the Naruto Series and you can download this newest chapter of Naruto.

Now, for the credits.  We would like to thank SleepyFans Scanlation for their awesome work with the Naruto Manga.  Thanks to their Scanner, Konk; Translator, Sakura; Editors, Strider (who is also their QC) and GumJim.  You guys are the best!

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