Month: February 2009

Naruto Chapter 437 UP!

I told you I’d be able to share with you the latest Naruto Chapter, didn’t I? Well, like always, SleepyFans came through for us Naruto Otakus, translating the Japanese Naruto Manga into English so that we can all enjoy and

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TRC 214 UP!

Alright! After a gruelling week of no Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle update (after CLAMP released such an OMG twist to their manga), Franky House once again delivers us with a fres-from-the-oven translation of the most recent TRC chapter, Chapter 214 entitled:

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The Last Lecture

So, recently I just purchased a book out-of-the-blue without really consulting my parents beforehand. You see, usually when I buy books I ask for their permission first. Yes, I know that some people may think that that is funny, after

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Endlessian Chronicles Demo (Beta) Nearing Release

No. I have not forgotten about this here blog of mine if that’s what you all are wondering.  I have merely been busy with a lot of things — school, the ever-so-nearing-graduation day, my life, and of course, the game

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Naruto Chapter 436: Peace

Another week has come and gone and once again our friends from SleepyFans, our ever so hard working friends, have delivered yet another chapter of the highly anticipated series: Naruto.

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