It Finally Arrived!!!

If I could summarize what kind of day today had been, I would have to say that it had been one heck of a rollercoaster day.

The day started out just like your average, everyday, boring and somewhat repetitive day.  I woke up, did my morning rituals and went to school.  It’s not that I don’t like going to school on Mondays (okay, so maybe I don’t entirely like it, still…) but having woke up earlier than usual could make anyone wish that we could all skip the weekdays and head straight for the weekends.

Anyways, nothing much happened until I went back home quite exhausted and just wanting to go lie down or surf the net or anything.  Of course, when I got home, I expected what I always expected on Mondays — that no one would be home and that I would be by myself until noon.

I was about to go straight to my room and open up the computer when something caught my eye.  It looked like a boquet or something, and being such a curious person, I decided to look at it.

Imagine my surprise, glee, happiness, and <insert any happy emotion here> when I saw that it was a package addressed to me from Singapore!  It was the package I had been waiting for for more than 10 days — the package that held the first ‘thing’ I ever won in my entire life in joining contests.  It was the Simple Plan items that I had won from one of Animax’s contests.

I couldn’t describe entirely, even if I wanted to,  what I was feeling as I opened the wierdly wrapped package.  One thing is for sure, though… my hands were trembling with excitement.  The moment I unwrapped the package, I immediately bolted to my room and powered u my computer and as soon as it was safe to place the CD in the Disk Tray, I did so and I even placed the volume to its maximum level just to endulge in the music that is Simple Plan.

I had, from that time on, wanted to post the joyous news here in my blog but unfortunately at that time, SmartBro, our wireless internet service provider decided to have a maintenance of some sort which is why I ended up posting this as such a late hour.

Anyways, I’ll upload a picture of all the goodies I won later when I get hold of our Digital Camera.  Until then, I’ll give the CD one more play before I go to bed, lol

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