An OMG Tsubasa Chronicles Moment!

I was about to post this yesterday but thanks to a somewhat ‘major’ blackout, I was unable to do so.

Anyhow, thanks to the efforts of our dear friends from Franky House, we have once again the most recent chapter of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (Most commonly referred to as Tsubasa Chronicles or TRC) in our Download’s Page.

In this chapter, Chapter 212 entitled, “Time Flows Once More” we catch a glimpse of the real Sakura once again.  And of course, the confrontation between the Tsubasa trio and Fei Wong still continues.  Amazingly, CLAMP decided to add a MAJOR Twist to the whole story: an unbelievable revelation is revealed to us all.  What that revalation is that had caused a lot of TRC fans to go “Oh MY GOD!!!!” is, is somethign you have to read for yourselves to find out.

Once again, we would like to go out thanking our friends:

LadyDarkmon for the Raw of the manga, CNET128 for the translation of this awesome chapter and DarkReaper70 for the edit and the upload that has made this chapter available to us all.

Stay tuned for the Naruto Manga update later today as well.  You certainly do not want to pass that up!

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