Naruto Manga Updated!

“Naruto VS. God-Realm” that is what this week’s Naruto chapter title is.  Like always, it has been brought to us by our friends from SleepyFans who have absolutely done a great job in translating this to a language we all could understand.

So, what’s instore in this 434th chapter of the awesome Naruto series? Well, it would seem like the Pein VS Naruto battle is nearing an end. What would happen to Naruto now that Pein’s power is back and he’s using it against him? Will his Sage training be enough to surpass the so-called Leader of the Akatsuki?  Well, you would just have to download this chapter and read.

You can do that by heading towards our Downloads Page and clicking on the Naruto Manga link found on the right-hand side of your browser. This certainly has been one heck of a Manga week, especially if you also read TRC.

Hope you guys enjoy this newest Naruto Chapter!

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