TRC 213 UP!

I was suppose to upload this yesterday but it seems that I have forgotten to do so.  My apologies for that.

Anyways, after the previous chapter that had sent my mouth agape in shock and had caused me to applaud CLAMP for their unbelievable twist in the story so far, this week’s chapter is a mild one compared to that.

Unlike the previous chapter, which was a bit action-packed in my opinion.  This chapter, although having action on its own accord, is somewhat more on the dailogue side as Fei Wong continues to gloat and finally tells the TRC group of what he intends to do.

You can read more about the 213rd chapter, entitled, “Unparalleled power” by downloading it from our Downloads Page.  Credits goes to Franky House for their quick yet, superb work with translating this to a language that we can all understand.

Come back later for the Naruto manga update, an update that you surely do NOT want to miss.

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