Well, this is this week’s Naruto chapter (which I was suppose to have uploaded yesterday but was too lazy to do so). The 435th chapter of Naruto is made available to everyone thanks to our friends from SleepyFans.

“Bansho Tenin” is what this chapter was given a title of.  The translators said that they made it so since this is a jutsu and didn’t want to make some lame translation of what Bansho Tenin literally means.  Available for download in our Download’s Section, readers of Naruto will see the ingenuity of Uzumaki Naruto as well as be reminded of the numerous sacrifices that had been given throughout the battle with Pein.

Albeit the battle seems all but over, Pein has the upperhand now despite the fact that he is the last Pein standing.  And it would appear that Inouichi (Ino’s father) already has an idea of what the secrets of Pein is about (although it would be revealed on next weeks chapter).

Well, I don’t want to spoil the whole chapter so, if you haven’t already, go to our Downloads Page and give the 435th chapter a read.  Happy Valentine’s Day as well to everyone!

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