Endlessian Chronicles Demo (Beta) Nearing Release

No. I have not forgotten about this here blog of mine if that’s what you all are wondering.  I have merely been busy with a lot of things — school, the ever-so-nearing-graduation day, my life, and of course, the game that I am developing.

As you all now. I have already begun making the EC (let’s use that whenever talking about Endlessian Chronicles) series and I have unveiled some of the major characters of the second EC game. Yes, the earlier post where you read about Kaien and his other companions (which, by the way, is still a fraction of the actual characters in that game) is the second game in the EC series. So, what about the first one?

Well, I believe I have already spoken about that. If you all would remember, I gave the first game the title of: ‘Endlessian Chronicles: Dawn of Darkness’. Now, the first EC game is going along great. I’ve manage to implement a number of features that have made us love RPG games since its first conception up until today. So far, Luke’s (the main character of the first EC game) journey is looking good and at the pace I am going with the development (and with the help of some people), we would soon be having beta tests for the game.

Now, if you’re going to ask if you can be a beta tester, then my answer would have to be a ‘No’. Why? Because I’ve already made plans on who my beta testers would be and unless they decline testing my game, then I would not hire other testers. Now, if things would go as planned, a Demo version of the game would be available for download sometime this coming March 2009.  Now, if, by any chance, I found myself in too much school-related dilemma, then the demo release would have to be moved a week or so. This also means that until the time that the Demo is released there would be NO RotM & CW:CC UPDATES!! (Sorry dear readers of the two afformentioned fanfics).

So, when can you expect the full release of the game?  Well, that question is too soon to be asked. However, it might be sometime this year (at the earliest) as I am still thinking on whether porting the game to the DS handheld gaming device and the Ninetendo Wii console (chances are, I will be porting it to the Wii although that is still to be decided).

Anyways, that’s all the update I have for today. Ciao!

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One comment on “Endlessian Chronicles Demo (Beta) Nearing Release
  1. Izumi says:

    that’s great news. im really happy, saku.
    BTW, could u plz check ur mails. this is quite urgent…

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