Naruto Chapter 437 UP!

I told you I’d be able to share with you the latest Naruto Chapter, didn’t I? Well, like always, SleepyFans came through for us Naruto Otakus, translating the Japanese Naruto Manga into English so that we can all enjoy and understand it. Anyways, this week’s chapter is entitled: ‘Confessions’ and is made available to you all via the Naruto Downloads Page.

So, what’s in-store in this chapter? It has Hinata, and has a bitter sweet moment for all NaruHina fans. Plus, we get to see Naruto go into Kyuubi mode. And with 6 out of 9 tails to boot! Well, I won’t spoil anything other than that. You guys would just have to read and find out what else is in this chapter.

Kudos to SleepyFans, their translators and cleaners as well as their uploaders for this chapter. We all hope you guys continue your hardwork! You have our support!

Well, that’s about that for this week’s Manga updates. Ciao!

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