Month: March 2009

Rasen Shuriken VS Shinra Tensei

Well, I would have uploaded this sooner had me and my family not went out for a bit of an outing to celebrate the 18th birthday of my youngest sister. Anyways, rejoice and be glorious for we have finally have

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Schoolwork and Holic

Yatta! After what seems like eons of ardous work on making sure to complete all my requirements before the semester ends, I have finally, FINALLY, manage to complete all of my projects! I’m so happy and giddy that I almost

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Just Stand Up!

Recently I was going through the mp3s and CDs as well as other recordings that I have stored on my computer as well as on the albums themselves. I really didn’t know what I was looking for or why I

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One Down, One to Go!

Last thursday our CSCA01 (That’s the subject code for our 2D/3D Animation course) Professor gave us a project as our Final Exam. He asked us to group ourselves into three and make a flash website using buttons, motion tweens, and

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Conversations with the 4th & The Point Between Life & Death

Another week has come and gone and for our friends at Franky House and Sleepy Fans, they made sure to deliver yet another amazing chapter from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and, of course, Naruto.

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