Where is the Love?

How far have we come as a specie? Have we evolved or devolve? Have we become a better society than we have been for the past decade? The past century? The past millennium?

Quiet honestly, I don’t think so. I actually think that the human race has never sunk so low as how it is now. I am not being pessimistic about it, I am only telling the truth, and the truth does sting, doesn’t it?

So much violence, hatred, anger — all evident in the news. Every night there would be newscasters reporting incidents of crime and terroristic acts. Every night there would always be gossips that, although entertaining at times, manages to ruin a persons life or put that person’s spirit down.

Every day we get to see advertisments, stating that you should do this, do that; buy this, buy that; be like this, be like that. Every day we are bombarded by all of these advertisments showing images (usually enhanced images, or photoshopped/doctored images) of people — all of which are meant to brainwash the public into thinking that everyone should be like this or like that. They are telling the public that if you want to be happy you have to be able to afford these things. If you want to be part of the ‘IN’ crowd, you would have to be beautiful, sexy, hot and whatnot.

The media is meant for entertainment. That’s what I believe. It was created not for the sake of gossips, not for the sake of making profits, not for the sake of telling people what they should become but rather for the sake of giving the public wholesome entertainment, a fun time, and even allow families to bond. The media should be used as a medium of self expression but within the bounds of what is morally correct. The media should be used as a medium of bringing us together, not tearing people apart.

Station wars is a common thing in this country. Everyone wants to be the ‘Number 1 Station in the Philippines’. I use to be one of those people who supports one network and criticizes the other but, I’ve grown out of that. Heck, I don’t care who’s number one. I don’t even care about their stations all together. Why? Because I grew sick of their constant bickering. Of how their pride outweighs what should be right. Of how they sometimes disregard anything and everything except for profit. And the fact that they have lost originality.

Why am I saying these things?

Well, the truth is that I have grown tired of all the drama in the media. The gossips and all of that stuff.

Several days ago, I heard that Miley Cyrus was sued for posing a ‘funny’ pose with a Korean, which the Korean or whoever decided to label as a racist act. I could not believe that news. I am not a Miley Cyrus fan but I do respect that person as she has talent and is trying to be the best role model for the younger generation.

I can’t believe that, just because she is famous, people (most often the Paparazzis) believe that they can have a field day with her. I can’t believe that there are some who would like to make such a big deal out of something that a lot of people do.

When I heard that she was sued, I immediately browsed the web in search of the picture of that Korean guy. I saw the picture and I saw Miley with her boyfriend (I think it was her boyfriend) with their eyes squinted as if to immitate what Korean eyes are like. It’s childish, quite honestly, but a lot of people do that. Heck, there’s even thousands of jokes about it but one has to wonder why she gets sued for something that you can almost see everyday being done — something that has, in my opinion, become a common ‘action’. Come on, that guy even has a picture of Miley!

Another news that surprised me is the one about the whole Chris Brown incident. Yep, Rhianna is an idiot deciding to return to him after she was physically abused. I used to love Rhianna, but now, I don’t think I respect her just as much as I did before. I mean, come on, that’s plain stupid. Still, she got let off by Fox News when Fox News said that the next time Rhianna gets beaten up by Chris Brown, that everyone should just turn a blind eye. I laughed at that comment but at the same time felt bad about it.

I had been reading Fantasia Barrino’s book entitled, ‘Life’s Not a Fairy Tale’ which is mostly the reason why I wrote this. In her book, where she tells her life story, Fantasia had been gossipped about, had been laughed at and jeered at by people — most of all the media, for her looks, her life, her being a single mother. They had went pass her privacy and even opened up the time capsule searching for something to bring her down, to make her not win the Idol competition (which, despite of their attempts, she DID manage to win, all because of God’s glory and because she IS talented). That’s what the media is like before, but now it’s even worst than that.

I remember Marky Cielo’s funeral. I have already told of the story about a TV station getting a shot of Marky despite his mother’s plea that they do not take a shot of him. The media has become disrespectful, I hate that. Filipinos should not be like that. But because everyone has been blinded by material possessions, by greed, by wanting to be number one, by wantinng to have an exclusive ‘something’, by money¬† — people are going to go through lengths trying to get what they want.

A really mature way of dealing with things. A really pathetic way of representing what media is about.

This was not meant to be a rant or a ramble or even a flame but for self-expression only. I only wanted to state what was on my mind. I hate gossips. I hate people having the time of their life talking about someone else’s life. I hate people trying to find something to ruin another person. I hate people who, when someone is already down, do not help that person to come back up but rather pushes that person even farther down into the pit of despair and self pity. I hate those kinds of people.

Why can’t the media and people who are like the ones stated above just mind their own business? The answer to that question, I don’t think I’ll be able to know. But one can wonder, is it hard not to see a dirt in a person’s face when you yourself have a dirt on your face?

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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