439th Chapter of Naruto

Finally, it’s here! After another week of wondering what would happen next on one of the most anticipated Mangas, the 439th chapter of Naruto is finally here and available for download.

For this chapter I can’t help but be amazed at how well all of it was planned. It’s another OMG chapter with the appearance of none other than the Fourth Hokage himself, Naruto’s father and the person who sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto, Minato Namikaze!  Yes, that is what the hype is about in this chapter.

If you are wondering why he appeared, well, you have better head over our Naruto Downloads page and grab a copy of this chapter to find out.  Of course, we wouldn’t have this amazing chapter in english if it weren’t for the great guys and gals from SleepyFans. Hats off to you guys for your great work.

Now, we have yet another reason why we can’t afford to miss another chapter of Naruto.

Things are certainly starting to heat up (even further than it has).

Be sure to check back later should we have an update on the TRC manga. If not, then see you guys next week for another Naruto Manga update! Ciao!

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