TRC Update!

It took a loooong (yes, notice the stress in that word) time for us to get a hold of the latest manga chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (TRC for short) but, after two weeks of non-Tsubasa update, we finally get one.

Enter chapter 215 of the manga. This chapter whose title is still unknown is now available for download for just about anyone who wants to download them. Just head over to our Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicled Download Page and click on the link there.

So, what’s in this chapter? Well, I would only say this. This chapter has another cliffhanger, much to my dismay. However, this chapter also reveals something about the Dimensional Witch, Yuuko and of course, shows a little nifty item that everyone who has watched the anime or read the manga from the beginning up until now would be familiar with (or even remember).

Yes, friends, it would seem that we are really nearing the end with Tsubasa.

Anyways, if you want to know more, download the chapter and read it. Kudos to our friends from Franky House for being so hard working and sharing this chapter with us.  Thanks to ladydarkmon for the Raws, Carlos Net for translating the chapter and thefolenangel and songaka for editing.

Well, that’s about that for our Manga updates. Be sure to come back next week for more!

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