CSCA01 Final Project

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve done some CGI and finally after a long time, and after wanting to put off doing something for my finals project in 2D/3D Animation, I have finally (since about a month ago) started working on it.

During the start of term, our professor for that course told us that we would be making a Story Board for a final project which would correspond to our final exam in that course. Of course, when it comes to drawing, I’m always ecstatic about it. Next to making computer games, home made movies, and composing songs and writing novels, drawing would have to be my forte.

Well, even though I was excited about it. I put it off til about a month ago before I started working on the story board. It wasn’t as hard as people would think… (okay, so that may sound a bit over the top)… or maybe that’s because I’m so used to using the computer for drawing things after I finally got enough money to buy a decent Graphics Tablet.

Anyways, making the story board, as I have said was easy, as I already had the story planned, written and finished a week after our professor announced that finals project thing.  It was a good thing that I wrote the story before hand, otherwise, at the pace I am going, I would not have managed to make it.  Although, the story board itself is still in need of quite a few number of scenes, lol.

Anyhow, I’m not sure if my professor would want the colored or lineart version of the story board/scenes. Hopefully, he’d want the colored version as it looks more… anime-ish — A style that is impossible for me to disregard when drawing.  Heck, I even added the usual widescreen effect that most anime shows have now-a-days just to get the feel of it.

Well, for those curious souls, the title of the story that I had made for this project is ‘Connected’. Basically it is a tragic story about friendship with a bit of supernatural flavor in it. I suppose this would have to be the second of that sort of series and genre that I have writen. The first would have to be the fanfiction I wrote in FFN entitled, “Healing Touch”.

Anyways, the story revolves around an introvert young girl who doesn’t have any friends. Because she doesn’t have any friends, she finds it pointless to own a  mobile phone.  But, since it is the information age where gadgets are abound, she decided to create a make-believe phone in her head. It turns out that the phone she invisioned was magical (in what sense, you would have to read the story, which I will post as soon as I’ve submitted my project). With that phone, she was able to meet a guy who is very much like her and a mysterious woman who helps her become a better and more outgoing person.

That’s about it for the summary of the story. lol, Since if I go on writing that summary and making it longer, I may end up spoiling everything, and I don’t want to do that just yet.

Anyways, a quick sneak preview of what I did for that project:

The main protagonist. She is the one who telling the story.

The main protagonist. She is the one who is telling the story.

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