Conversations with the 4th & The Point Between Life & Death

Another week has come and gone and for our friends at Franky House and Sleepy Fans, they made sure to deliver yet another amazing chapter from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and, of course, Naruto.

Everyone who has been reading the Naruto Manga from the beginning has  been anticipating this moment when Naruto finally learns of his heritage. The 440th chapter of the acclaimed Naruto Manga can now be downloaded and read by heading to our Naruto Manga Download Page and clicking on the link there.

So, what to expect in this chapter? Well, judging from the title, I can surmise that you have made a conclusion of what this chapter is all about. But for those who are slow, this chapter is all about Naruto finally learning who his father is and being able to have a short, albeit meaningful, conversation with him. Here, Naruto learns of the reason why the Kyuubi attacked Konoha 16 years ago.  To learn more, just download the chapter. You won’t regret it-ttebayou!

Moving on to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

This week’s chapter follows through on the events from the previous. This time, however, Yuuko finally drops the bomb on what that cylinder was all about. Of what happened to the Syaoran and Sakura (from CCS) who are the parents of both Watanuki and Syaoran (of TRC). Things are heating up in this manga as well as the wooping reasons behind everything that’s being going on is slowling being unveiled. For those who are reading this manga, like me, this chapter is A MUST!!! DO NOT LET THIS PASS UP!!!

You can read more of the 216th chapter by downloading it from our TRC Manga Download Page.

Well, that’s all about the manga updates we have this week. I’m so psyched when it comes to those two mangas that I’ve been reading. Their mangakas have really gone out of their way and have placed their best efforts in making these two chapters. Kudos to them!

Also, kudos to our friends from Franky House and SleepyFans for translating and giving us a copy of this earlier than usual. Be sure to come back next week for the next chapters! Ja ne!

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