Rasen Shuriken VS Shinra Tensei

Well, I would have uploaded this sooner had me and my family not went out for a bit of an outing to celebrate the 18th birthday of my youngest sister. Anyways, rejoice and be glorious for we have finally have the 441st chapter of the highly anticipated manga, ‘Naruto’.

The Four Hundred and Fourty First chapter of the Naruto manga entitled, ‘Rasen Shuriken VS Shinra Tensei’ has been brought to us by Sleepy Fans and is made available to all who wishes to read it by just downloading it from our Naruto Manga Download Page and clicking on the link there.

So, what to expect in this chapter? Well, Hinata’s still alive, that’s one and Naruto’s wisdom reveals itself as the battle against Pein continues. Of course, like always, Kishimoto-san manages to cut the chapter short much to everyone’s liking. But, I suppose we’re all used to that now, aren’t we?

Anyways, I won’t say much more than that. Just head over and download the chapter to learn more. Too bad we don’t have a dose of TRC to go with this chapter. Hopefully FrankyHouse would have one out soon along with the xxxHolic chapter.

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