Month: April 2009


This is just a small update following my previous post as I was in such a hurry since we were about to eat Lunch.  I haven’t been checking mails lately simply because I chose not to use too much of

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"Gotta Catch ‘Em All!"…Well, Kinda…

Everyone who really does know me will know that I am a person who loved collecting things that interests me.  They would also know that I am a type of person (despite my gender) who absolutely LOVES gadgets.  A friend

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xxxHolic update and other things…

Well, I had thought that CLAMP would be taking a short break from their work as mangakas but it seems that I was mistaken as they recently released the 180th chapter of xxxHolic. Unlike the boring update we got from

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Naruto 445 Up!

Well, after a wonderful week with my graduation and after winning another Animax contest (hooray for me!), we have another good news with the Naruto manga being updated with it’s latest chapter, Chapter 445: Top of the World. A chapter

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Memories in the Rain

About 4 years and a couple of months ago, I transferred from Sacred Heart College to AMA Computer College. My parents, after thinking it through figured that the best school for me would be a school that really is all

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