TRC 217 Out!

After 2-weeks of non-Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles update, we finally get some TRC love. However, unlike the previous releases that I’ve uploaded here, this one’s not from FrankyHouse. For those who would rather have the FrankyHouse ones, then stay tuned later.

The 217th chapter of one of my favorite mangas of all time is entitled, “The Magic Words”. If you are, like me, reading TRC along with xxxHolic, then you will be familiar with the first few panels of this chapter since it is distinctly similar to that of the latest xxxHolic chapter.

So, what’s in this chapter? For one, we get to see Sakura and Syaoran from CCS (CardCaptor Sakura) and finally get a glimpse of what they look like as adults — well, a glimpse of Sakura as an adult at least. What’s more, Sakura (CCS) gets to use her powers along with her husband (Syaoran of CCS). How big a role these two are going to play (or are playing) is still left for the readers to find out. One thing is certain though, TRC is almost at the end.

For those who want to download the chapter, just head on over to our Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles download page and click on the link for this chapter.

Well, that’s about it for now. Tune in for the FrankyHouse release and the Naruto manga chapter release later.
Until then, ja ne!

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