Naruto 443rd Chapter UP!

SleepyFans recently released the 443rd chapter of Naruto. By recently, I meant last night. This 443rd chapter of the awesome Naruto manga is made available for download on our Naruto Manga Downloads Page and is entitled, “The Meeting”.

In this chapter, Naruto heads to where the real Pein is. Of course, that’s just about what I’m going to spoil about the recent chapter. I know that I should have uploaded it last night but, I was too engrossed in playing Rune Factory Frontier and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (whilst I was resting) to have remembered to upload it. lol, I know, it’s a lame excuse.

Anyways, with this Naruto chapter, our manga updates for this week comes to a close. Next week we’ll have xxxHolic, TRC and of course, Naruto updates again. I’m really looking forward to the xxxHolic update as I want to see Watanuki (and hopefully,) Yuuko’s view on what has been going on with the TRC group.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next update! Ja ne!

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