Finally! A xxxHolic Update!

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the xxxHolic manga just yet as I have yet to ask for permission in uploading them to this site. However, I am quite surprised to see that FrankyHouse released the 178th chapter of xxxHolic earlier today.

Like the past xxxHolic updates, this one held no titles what-so-ever. And unfortunately, it did not give much insight on the bridge between the stories of xxxHolic and TRC — insight that I was hoping it would delve into.

So, what was in that chapter? Well, apart from the reference on the previous chapter about Watanuki’s body moving on its own accord upon seeing Sakura and Syaoran (CSS), it also continues on the story with regards to the wish that Watanuki was asked to fulfill (by Yuuko). The wish, to those who have forgotten, was of a person who wishes to learn how to cook. I hope that reminds a bit on what was happening prior to the whole meeting with the CSS-couple escapade.

Anyways, Watanuki still continues to search for Yuuko. Unfortunately still, he is unable to find Yuuko, Maru and Moro and even the Black Mokona. What Watanuki did find was Yuuko’s ‘pipe’ (don’t know what it is actually called, it’s the one that Yuuko uses to smoke, lol). Also, the chapter was cut off when the person Watanuki has been trying to help finally tells him that she has eaten his cooking. I didn’t really like how CLAMP decided to cut the chapter this time around. However, it does bring about an air of sadness as to what happened to Yuuko, Maru, Moro and the Black Mokona. Hopefully we will find out on the 20th of April (or sooner).

Anyways, that’s what I just wanted to say. I need to go and prepare for the Easter Vigil Mass since I only have 30 minutes left to do so. lol.

This may come out a bit early but I want to greet everyone a HAPPY EASTER!
Well, that’s all for now. Until the next time that I decide to update this blog… see you then. Ja ne!

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5 comments on “Finally! A xxxHolic Update!
  1. Pyro says:

    Hey Sakura this is Pyro. Weve been trying to get into contact with you. We’re a bit worried >.> We havent seen you in months and we wanna make sure your still interested in the project

  2. Pyro says:

    We do get that. But you have to understand were we are coming from. Its been MONTHS since we’ve seen you our staff has grown to add an artist and a another scripter you seem to not respond to messages we try and send and we have little to no way of contact with you. Otherhand was ready to give up on you. You write that you have all the requirements for graduation finished and such and still don’t have time to even drop a line makes us a bit worried…I mean we get your busy. Heck Otherhand is in collage too and can empathize but we do need either a gesture of commitment or just something saying that your not interested. We DO understand your busy but it does feel like your avoiding us. I keep telling him you haven’t even had time for Rabbit on the Moon but if you are no longer interested in the project all you need to do is tell us. After all it wouldn’t be fair for us to wait for someone that isn’t interested. Heck we could use the sprites at anytime! We have alot of info and concept art on the characters.

  3. Pyro says:

    I see…Well were not trying to rush you to graduate but we do need a spriter. Other says we’ll try to find someone else but if you want to rejoin the project when you have some free time I’m sure I could convince other.

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