Inherited Magic

Well, it seems that Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Fans, such as myself, would have a blast with this week’s chapter that follows through with the battle between Fei Wong and Syaoran/Sakura (CSS) and their son, Syaoran (TRC) with the chapter titl of, ‘Inherited Magic’. This chapter, of course, is available for download in our TRC Download Page.

What should people expect from this chapter? Well, it seems that the great female mangaka group finally decided to bring back Yuuko in this chapter and, we once again will be able to see the priceless shocked expression from Fei Wong. Yes, it’s a priceless expression especially if you have an inkling to rip his face apart (of course, if you own the manga, don’t do that since you’ll be crying afterwards, lol).

Also, it seems that the cloned version of Sakura and Syaoran are still around and has some unfinished business still — something that was not disclosed in this chapter.

Apart from the contents itself, it seems that CLAMP decided to lengthen the chapter as well with a whooping 22 pages of it and a front cover of Yuuko with the lines hinting of what her true purpose is.

Anyways, it seems we won’t be having any TRC update next week. Well, I’ll still hope that we do have them next week as well as the story is moving along really nicely. I’m off now, ’til the next update. Ja ne!

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One comment on “Inherited Magic
  1. Pyro says:

    Lines about Yuuko!? Ill have to start reading TRC then >.< What is exactly happening in TRC? I feel like XXXHolic is going to end soon D:

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